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New Admin Assistant in the Novobuild Office. 7/7/23

The family business is expanding into the next generation.  Ben and Deana's daughter, Abigail has now joined the team at Novobuild SW Ltd.  She will be working in the office part time, and will often be the first point of contact for our customers, as well as doing other office duties.

Novobuild now have three teams up and running!  22/3/23

Novobuild are please to announce that due to expansion, we have three teams up and running.  Our newest team, Mark and Pete joined us in January 2023, and come with plenty of experience.  As Mark had previously been running his own sites, before deciding to come over to Novobuild.  Along with with Lee who joined us in October, as an on site manager, overseeing all three teams for times when Ben can't be there.  Lee too is an incredibly experienced builder, who was a site manager for another larger building company before coming across to join us.  Ben and Lee have known each other for a very long time, as Lee trained Ben as an apprentice many moons ago!

Closed for Queen's Funeral, Bank Holiday Monday, 19th September 2022

Due to the funeral of the late Queen Elizabeth II, all of our suppliers will be closed, so we too will be closed on Monday 19th September 2022.  This will also allow our teams time to follow her funeral/and or reflect on her passing.

We will reopen as usual on Tuesday 20th September, and we are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.
Many thanks, The Novobuild Team

Novobuild SW Ltd - Still expanding 9/6/22

Due to the continued growth of the business, we are pleased to announce that we will be having a third team join us in July.  Although, this will be our third team, the team will consist of Luke (who has previously worked for us) and will be leading the team, and his co-worker.  Luke had worked for us for a number of years and is used to delivering the high standard of workmanship, we expect from our teams.  We are very pleased to be welcoming them both. 
Welcome! From the Novobuild Team

Happy New Year 4/1/22

Welcome to 2022!  We hope you all had a great Christmas and New Year, and we are looking forward to another great year for Novobuild SW Ltd.  We also wanted to thank all our customers from 2021 for all the support and recommendations you have given us, over the previous year.  Thank you.

Novobuildswltd new year van.jpeg

Novobuild SW Ltd Expanding 7/10/21

We are very pleased to announce, that due to all our lovely customers recommendations, that we have never been so busy! 

Ben and Deana have decided to take on more subcontractors to help us out.  Obviously, there will be settling in, whilst we make sure that our new team members provide all our customers with the highest standards, that you have come to expect from Novobuild SW Ltd.  All customers will be sent a short feedback form via email, on completion of their works.  So we would be very grateful if you could fill these in, and they are sent back automatically.

Many Thanks, your Novobuild Team

Price Increases and Supply Update 25/8/21

Unfortunately material costs are still increasing month on month, and some suppliers of specialist items are reluctant to give us costs for materials, as their costs are changing so rapidly.  We are also finding that with the building trade, being so busy at present, and the amount of staff our suppliers have isolating, that this is also slowing our suppliers responses.


 With this in mind, please accept our apologies for any delay there may be getting prices of certain items back to you.  We are doing everything in our power to get these prices back from suppliers, but we are aware that at times there are hold ups in getting those costs back.

Thank you for your patience, Novobuild Team

Price Increases and Supply Update 13/5/21

Material costs across the industry have risen significantly the first half of this year.  As a company we are used to and plan for the standard 2% - 3% rise in costs in line with inflation. However, some of our materials have risen up to 30% in the first half of the year with possible further increases in July!

On top of this some materials are becoming difficult to source and some struggling to get into the country.  Lead times for most materials have increased, with others having no actual dates on when they will be in at all.  Some (that we were used to being) ‘off the shelf items’ are now also subject to small lead times.

So as always, we are doing our best to keep jobs on time and on price, by ordering required materials ahead of time to store ready for booked works, but please just be aware some matters are out of our hands.  We’re aware we are not the only firm dealing with this (or indeed industry dealing with price increases).  We are simply passing on information to try and keep you all in the loop.

Let’s hope things settle quickly and return to some sort of normality

Thank you, Novobuild Team.

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